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For Graphics of MANY fandoms, stop by!
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The maintainer of this community goes by the name Rula. Her friends call her RuRu, Rula-chan, ttrulytt (user name), or QT (nickname). She’s a loving teenager extremely fond of making new friends. She loves and adores graphics of all kinds, art, fics (writing in general), and some t.v shows. She’d prefer reading a book over watching t.v. She wants to major in writing, visual effects, and computer design. Overall, she’s a kind person who *adores* watchers! ;]
One Tree Hill // Naruto // WWE // Anime/Manga // A Walk to Remember // Titanic // Ouran High School Host Club // Avatar: the Last Airbender // Disney // Pirates of the Caribbean // High School Musical // Furuba // Shuffle! // Shippings of all kinds
1. Credit, before all else, is a definite requirement if taking or using any of my graphics/art!
2. Please, please do not hotlink! Save the image yourself and upload it to your own server.
3. Not all bases can be edited. Usually I don’t care whether you take them and add text or other design to them, but you must credit me for the base itself. Unless I say bases are not to be taken/edited, then feel free to use them.
4. Do not claim any of my work as your own. I will get infuriated if done so!
5. Joining my community is not a must to take my graphics, but most appreciated so I know who it is that’s taking my graphics.
6. Never rush me for graphics.
7. Be kind and generous.
8. Requests might open as soon as the community starts to run with at least a few members.
9. Comments are MAJOR love! <3
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I want to thank tainee for being such a kickass, supportive friend and for inspiring me in every way, especially in making this community!
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